The short answer is yes, saunas can increase testosterone levels. In fact, one study found that regular sauna use leads to a 47% increase in testosterone production over the course of six months. The general health benefits of saunas have been documented throughout history and more recently proven through studies conducted by respected research organizations.

Do you think saunas can increase testosterone levels?

That said, it’s important to understand that simply spending time in a sauna isn’t enough to produce meaningful changes in testosterone levels. It requires dedication and consistency—something harder for many people to maintain than they might think.

You may find some success with supplements or certain foods such as whole-grains, bananas, and eggs; however these options won’t get you anywhere near your highest potential regarding testosterone level increases or overall health benefits derived from sustained periods of intense heat exposure—such as those supplied by a high-quality infrared sauna heated at temperatures ranging between 90°F and 140°F (32°C – 60°C).

When it comes to increasing testosterone levels using a traditional Sauna device, the available evidence indicates that sweating sessions should last no fewer than 15 minutes every other day or so during which time an individual should be drinking plenty of fluids for optimal results. (Be aware: prolonged periods without fluid intake can lead to dehydration.)

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