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Understanding the functioning of the body is not only interesting. For those who practice a healthy lifestyle or seek a fitness life. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, increase endurance or simply get to know yourself better. It’s important to know your body to reach your goals faster and healthily. We always hear phrases like “my metabolism is too slow” or “it speeds up the metabolism”. But do you know what metabolism is?

Metabolism with All the Support Now

In order to function, our bodies carry out millions of chemical reactions all the time. The set of events that chemicals and other nutrients carry out in our bodies is called metabolism or energy metabolism. In this process, the energy that makes our bodies continue to function is produced.

Metabolic rate, commonly called metabolism, refers to how the body spends energy. Metabolism varies from person to person and may be different in individuals of the same sex, age, weight and height. People with slow metabolism find it easier to gain weight because they need less food for their organic functions.

The Main Components

The main component of metabolism is the basal metabolic rate (or resting metabolic rate or basal metabolism). It represents approximately 70% of total energy. Expenditure and refers to the calories used by the body to maintain basic functions at rest. Such as heartbeat, breathing, control of body temperature, etc.

The rest of the metabolic rate comes from the calories expended in digesting food. Approximately 10% and with daily physical activity. To aid the metabolism using testosterone enanthate for sale happens to be quite effective now.

Proper Body Maintenance with Testosterone

Therefore, the maintenance of body weight occurs when the number of calories expended and calories ingested are equivalent. If food intake is less than the daily metabolic rate. The body will get the energy it has lacked from its reserves (particularly from adipose tissue) and weight loss will occur. Mainly in the form of fat, and the person will gain weight.

Muscle uses more calories than fat tissue and, therefore. The amount of muscle mass is largely responsible for the rate of metabolism. Over the years, there is a natural and progressive decrease in metabolism. Due to lower cell activity and reduced muscle mass. Women typically have a lower metabolic rate than men.

A slower-than-normal metabolism can have other causes such as sedentary lifestyle. Concertina effect (weight loss and fattening cycles), prolonged physical and emotional stress, long periods of fasting; insufficient protein diet; thyroid malfunction; insufficient consumption of water and inadequate sleep.

The Right Rate of Metabolism

Basal metabolic rate can be measured using the indirect calorimetry method. This exam, performed in an office, accurately measures the amount of oxygen absorbed and eliminated by the body at rest. By the amount of oxygen consumed. The basal metabolic rate is calculated.

In addition to identifying the person’s type of metabolism (normal, slow or fast). Indirect calorimetry facilitates the programming of dietary goals and allows for early detection of adaptive reductions in metabolism. That may eventually occur in weight loss programs. There comes testosterone enanthate with all the supports available now. You can get the best deals here and now.

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