Panda Bodybuilder

Panda Bodybuilder or Simeon Panda started lifting at the age of 16 and wanted to improve his overall height and strength. He was inspired to go even further when he met a friend in college who was very muscular.

Panda Bodybuilder asked his friends how he had managed to get so big. His friend replied that he bought some weights and that he would do his workouts at home. Simeon went out and immediately bought a set of weights. From that moment on, Simeon fell in love with bodybuilding.

“I bought weights the same day and fell in love with the workout. I remember coming home from college excited. “

When he started weight training, he remembers working out every day. He soon realized that he was into something big when; “I was exercising in my living room and a friend of my brothers who hadn’t seen me in a while came up to me and was shocked and said he was huge. That really motivated me to try even more.”

By Mr X