Abby Pollock is 35 years old. She was born on July 21st, 1985 in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Currently she is an entrepreneur and fitness coach who has achieved massive success, both online and off.

How Old Is Abby Pollock?

Growing up Abby had a strong passion for health and fitness. This led her to pursue a degree in kinesiology from the University of Calgary which she completed in 2006. During her studies she met one of her coaches, Lee Knowlton; who helped shape some of the foundations for her current business model and lifestyle philosophy. It was through this connection that Abby discovered she could further develop these concepts outside of school into something tangible–and profitable!

Since then Abby has gone from strength to strength with her entrepreneurial pursuits – creating a unique blend between holistic health coaching and online fitness programs involving numerous industry-leading brands such as Gymshark, FitFam Worldwide & F45 Training etc., She often appears as a featured guest at worldwide events such as FitFam Europe Summit (Paris), WBFF Fitness Events & The Reebok Global Training Tour (Milan).

In recent times however, Abbys popularity surged after Joining popular video sharing platform Tiktok–where Rebecca has garnered over 1 million followers thanks to amazing content featuring humorous yet thought provoking messages around achieving balance, wellness & overall happiness with life itself! In addition to this she now owns several successful businesses alongside husband Janae Kroczaleski including their shared media company Strength Portraitz LLC & boutique apparel label Sporty Afros LLC . Clearly its evident that age really doesn’t matter when it comes achieving goals – especially if you possess the determination like Abby throughout your journey!.

WeightHeightDate Of Birth
150-160 lbs5’7″15/10/1994
Physique Competitor2010Canadian

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